Project T Chamomile Pyramid Tea Bags 18 pack

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This chamomile flower is sourced from Europe and blended with Egyptian chamomile. Egypt is the traditional home of Chamomile. The blend creates a tea with a soft floral note on the palate.

The natural whole Chamomile flower and stem retains its essential oils maximising health benefits, flavour and aroma. Known therapeutically to have a calming effect and reducing stress, Chamomile was consumed thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt where it was honoured for its great remedial properties.

Promoting relaxation and a restful slumber, drink this before hitting the pillow.

These pyramid bags are filter-certified Soilon mesh, Soilon tea bags are made from corn starch, are biodegradable and can compost completely within approximately 30 days.

Project T is a winner of multiple awards.

Customer Reviews

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Savleen K

Had a great sleep after drinking

Leslie Meilak

Great flavour