Friends of Same

 Friends of Same Inc. is a community-based group based in the 

City of Boroondara,  Melbourne, with friendship links to Same, Timor-Leste

The Friends of Same community group was set up by Boroondra Council in 2002 to develop the friendship relationship entered into by the City of Boroondara with Same Sub-District in the District of Manufahi, Timor-Leste, as part of the wider friendship program established by the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) to provide community support for the people of the newly independent nation of Timor-Leste, following years of occupation and violence. Timor-Leste is still a developing nation, with high levels of poverty, malnutrition and disease (for example dengue fever, rheumatic heart disease and TB), and there is a continuing need for projects that assist development.