Project T Premium Tea

PROJECTt is a stunning range of tea to satisfy your t-sensory, whether its black, green or herbal. PROJECTt - a project that inspires seasoned and new tea drinkers. The barista's cup of tea.

Flavourful - Pure in Colour - Aromatic - Fresh - Ethical 

5 elements form the foundation guiding the creation of project t. Project T is:


Freshness defines the pure flavour; from black to green to herbal.

pure in colour

Clarity and absent from debris, a key criteria in establishing grade.


Like coffee, tea aroma is a crucial characteristic of quality.


Sri Lankan teas are single estate and shipped direct, ensuring freshness is at its peak!


First Australian member of Ethical Tea Partnership, Rainforest Alliance takes care of environment, and teas sourced outside of Sri Lanka are harvested under the strict EU guidelines.