Project T Pure Green Pyramid Tea Bags 18pk

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This varietal of Gunpowder Green Tea is harvested from Sri Lanka, known as the ‘Island of Tea’ because of its rich history of tea growing. Green tea is not fermented which creates a lively and fresh tea high in antioxidants.

The freshness of this brew makes it a great way to begin the day and is delicious after meals. ‘Pure Green’ is a tea-grading term to denote premium, best grade Gunpowder Green tea. Project T is a winner of multiple awards.

These pyramid bags are filter-certified Soilon mesh, Soilon tea bags are made from corn starch, are biodegradable and can compost completely within approximately 30 days.

Project T is a winner of multiple awards.

Ethical and sustainability credentials:

* Certified Rainforest Alliance (

* Ethical Tea Partnership  (