Bean Ground & Drunk Organic Swiss Water Decaff Fairtrade Coffee Beans 250g

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Our award winning organic decaffeinated roast injects subtle nutty flavours with a full-bodied toffee finish using the pure Swiss Water Process, perfect for preserving the natural aromas and essence of unadulterated coffee.

There are zero chemicals in this technique. As a black coffee it’s long on the palate with bold nutty flavours, fragrant maple syrup and a full bodied toffee finish. It’s drunk beautifully with milk; a nutty start – characteristic to the Peru region – followed by a pleasing long, smooth finish.

FLOID 5603

Customer Reviews

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Lorella Di Lizio
Decaf coffee beans

Best quality decaf coffee beans for the price

Prudence H.
Makes Delicious Fragrant Coffee

I am 100% delighted with the decaf coffee beans. So delicious and aromatic and you don't have to give up your desire for freshly ground and brewed coffee if you need to cut down on caffeine.

Best Decaf

I drink a lot of decaf coffee, and I have tried many brands and are usually very disappointed. But this is definitely the best! Medium strength, great smooth taste, fairtrade, organic and swiss water processed - this is very hard to find. I highly recommend it.
(if you are looking for a dark espresso decaf, there's a very good organic one at Coffee Snobs website)

Jennifer Taylor
love this coffee

We've bought the ground decaf in the supermarket and really enjoyed it. Most decaf coffee isn't very good. We prefer using beans in our coffee machine so found the company online and ordered 4x250g. We're very happy with the smooth, chocolatey flavour. HINT: please bring in a larger pack size!

Lubisa Yovanovich
Perfect Late Decaf

Great for fully automatic coffee machine. Just add milk