Everything You Need To Know: Stovetop Espresso

Stovetop Espresso

The Stovetop Espresso or 'caffettiera' is an excellent method for brewing espresso-like coffee at home. It simply forces the natural oils out of the coffee grounds, which produces a richer flavour and aroma. Some people claim this style of coffee is too bitter. However, when properly brewed, it results in a delicious, well-balanced coffee that many people crave. Don't be dissuaded if you don't get it perfect right away - it can take a few tries to get the hang of it!

Step 1: Fill the base with water

Fill the base of the percolator with cold water.

Step 2: Add freshly fine-ground coffee

Add freshly fine-ground bean ground & drunk organic coffee to the coffee basket to fill. Tap the basket gently to settle the coffee.

Step 3: Attach the base and top  

Attach the base and top and screw together until hand tight. Then, place on a medium-low heat.

Step 4: Listen for the characteristic gurgle

Listen for the characteristic gurgle which is a sign that the coffee is ready.

Remove it from the heat when you hear this so it doesn't dry boil.

Step 5: Pour and serve the coffee immediately

There's nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee, especially when you've made it yourself! Pour the coffee into your favourite mug, and enjoy it with whatever additions you like. We've got a great range of syrups and milks for you to explore.

Celebrate organic with bean ground & drunk

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