Everything You Need To Know: Capsule Machine

Everything you need to know: Capsule Machine

Capsule coffee machines are the cleanest, fastest and most convenient of all varieties. 
Capsule coffee machines work in a similar fashion to manual machines except for the fact that they require next-to-no involvement from the user.

Simple steps to use a Coffee Capsule Machine

  1. Fill Water Tank with only cold filtered or distilled water.
  2. Switch on your coffee machine. Let the coffee machine preheat.
  3. Place cup in position on the drip grid. 
  4. Preheat the cup: Press button for 1 cup of water – NO capsule.
  5. Then lift Lever and insert coffee capsule. Close Lever.
  6. Choose long coffee button or short coffee button and press. A normal Espresso shot takes about 20 seconds.
  7. Afterwards: Eject capsule (it drops into capsule container).
  8. Enjoy your high-quality coffee.


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Velvety smooth, rich and well balanced with a vibrant floral aroma. Bright stone fruit flavours carry through in the espresso to finish nutty on the palate. Earthy notes are pronounced with cacao and sweet caramel prevailing.


Darker roast with a dry aroma of earth moss and smoked nuts. A stronger blend, the coffee drinks well short and strong or milky, long and sweet. A lively acidity sparkles on the cheek with earthy notes and mushroom on the finish.


Ultra-clean and smooth, as espresso this certified Swiss Water Decaffeinated presents with an overall bright and fruity taste balanced with cashew and almond notes. This coffee/caffeine is pleasantly tart and had a delicious viscosity on the palate.

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