Coffee Capsules and the Environment

At the Bean Alliance Group, we're constantly exploring options to reduce our carbon footprint, and coffee capsules are no exception. That's why our bean ground & drunk capsules are 100% recyclable. 

What are the components of the bean ground & drunk capsules?

The capsule itself is made up of a lid, a base, a body, and coffee. The capsule can be disposed of with household recycling.

Because the coffee is Australian Certified Organic, it can be removed from the capsule after use and put into the compost bin. P.S., it's great to use directly on the garden bed, too! 


What are the components of the bean ground & drunk packaging?

The packaging of the capsules is 100% fibre cardboard carton, and can also be disposed of through household recycling. 


Planet Ark launched in November 2006.

By visiting this website, you can search for a participating florist or garden centre collection point location near you to drop off your used capsules.

Once collected the used capsules are processed into two components: 1. Coffee: the used coffee is transformed into compost. 2. Aluminium (capsule and lidding film) is recycled and sent back to the aluminium industry to be reimagined into new products.

Visit Alternatively, you may find some upcycling solutions brought to you from the creative minds of your friendly coffee roaster.


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