Australian Organic Awareness Month

 What is Australian Organic Awareness Month?

September is an important month for anyone interested in organic produce. This is the time of year when Australian Certified Organic raises awareness around the importance of organics.

As proud sponsors of the campaign, we’ve made it our mission to show our customers why they should buy organic coffee. 



Not All Organics Are Created Equal

You may not think twice when you pick up an organic product, but there is a difference between organic and certified organic products in Australia.

Certified organic products have been rigorously tested through every step of the process, from the farmer’s field right up to the store shelf.

Certified organic products adhere to a strict set of organic standards, such as the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce or the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

Did you know that currently in Australia there is no mandatory domestic regulation around the term ‘organic’ on product labels? This means that a product with as little as 2% organic ingredients can claim organic on its packaging.


How Can You Get Involved in Organic Awareness Month?

No matter what stage of the organic journey you’re in, there’s so many ways you can get involved this September. It’s all about showing your support to Australian organic producers!

For starters, you can find organic products in a wide range of different categories, including fresh produce, packaged food and beverages, cosmetics and skincare, home and garden products, textiles, pet food, and of course coffee.

Getting involved in Australian Organic Awareness Month includes:

  • Learning more about what organic means
  • Understanding the difference between organic and certified organic
  • Educating yourself and others about the importance of looking for certification marks on your organic purchases
  • Finding where you can shop for organic products and learning more about just how many products are available
  • Learning about some of the ‘myths’ of organic, including just how affordable organic products are becoming
  • Finding out more about the passionate people behind organic, including our organic farmers



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