Australian Organic Awareness Month 2021

Five Reasons Your Morning Coffee Should Be Certified Organic

September marks the celebration of Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM), Australia’s largest promotion of the certified organic industry.

As a proud GOLD SPONSOR for #AOAM, we at bean ground & drunk know how important being certified organic is for our consumers. Our BUD logo organic certification guarantees that we bring high-quality, delicious tasting beans to our customers, 100% chemical free.

This month, we focused on building a ‘budding romance’ with you and our Fairtrade organic certified coffee - bean ground & drunk.

Your morning coffee is an important ritual for ensuring a great start to your day. In keeping with Australian Organic Awareness Month, here are five reasons your morning coffee should be certified organic!

100% Chemical Free:

Our blends across the entire range at bean ground & drunk is certified organic - which means there are absolutely no chemicals in our product. As a certified organic & Fairtrade coffee brand, we go through rigorous & highly transparent standardised tests to ensure our product is truly organic. 

This means absolutely no pesticides or other chemicals at any stage through out the production process. We are constantly vetted by Australian Organic Advisory Groups in line with the Australian Certified Organic standards, making sure that our standards and production processes are continually audited and held accountable by various Government departments to keep our accreditation. 

Any imported ingredients are also thoroughly checked in accordance with stringent rules. This ensures our product is 100% chemical free.

With 63% of Australian shoppers believing that chemical free is the number one perceived benefit of organic products, we understand how important this is. By choosing bean ground & drunk, it's a sensational cup of coffee anyway you like!

Protecting Our Planet:

Our coffee is produced using sustainable farming methods. To be BUD logo certified, our farming processes must imitate natural processes. This ensures our farming practices does not disrupt fragile ecosystems through the use of harmful pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.

Certified organic products are produced at farms that prohibit nitrogen fertilisers, which account for two-thirds of cropping emissions. Organic farming prioritises building healthy soil that stores a large amount of carbon, meaning less carbon in our atmosphere. Certified organic farms must ensure a percentage of their land is gifted back to the environment, being converted back into natural vegetation.

Therefore, we at bean ground & drunk believe in our budding romance with the BUD logo. By choosing a BUD logo organic certified brew for your daily coffee, you are doing your bit to ensure our planet's future.

Supporting Local Farmers:

Certified organic supports local farmers. Due to the rigorous testing and standards, our coffee beans is sourced from small-scale local farmers, not larger corporation farms. Organic farming practices maintain the farmers' land for  future cultivation.

With the principles of organic farming being focused on land regeneration, our farms restore life to damaged ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and healing soil. Organic soils are more resilient than non-organic, meaning they are resilient to droughts and climate change, a win for our farmers.

Say No to GMOs:

The Australian Certified Organic BUD logo ensures that your products are completely free of any genetic modifications. Certified organic does not believe in the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and as a result, they are prohibited in any BUD labelled produce.   

With the relaxed genetically modified labelling laws in Australia, certified organic is the only way to ensure your family is not drinking any genetically modified substances.   This is important because GMOs are genetically engineered and can be toxic and cause allergies, due to the fact that the human body is not used to consuming them. So, by choosing certified organic, you’re ensuring your family consumes 100% GMO-free products.

 So, what does this mean for your morning cuppa?

bean ground & drunk are proud to be Australian Organic Certified. This means our product has passed all of the requirements needed to be certified organic, through rigorous testing and control measures.   

By choosing to start your day with our organic certified coffee, you’re choosing a healthier alternative that supports small-scale farmers, our planet’s wellbeing and is 100% chemical free. This means you can enjoy your morning brew with none of the guilt!

Our 1kg Classic, Espresso and Decaff coffee beans is available in selected Woolworths now.

Head to your nearest Woolworths supermarket, or check out a stockist nearest you!

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