Yama Silverton Coffee and Tea Dripper

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- Bottom beaker holds up to 550ml

- Hand blown from borosilicate glass

- Dishwasher and microwave safe and heat resistant

- Filter cone made of 100% stainless steel

Instructions for Use:

1.Open valve and place decanter underneath filter holder.

2.Preheat & rinse the metal and ceramic filter with hot water.

3.Grind your desired amount of coffee to a medium coarseness.
We suggest 1 gram of coffee per 18 grams of water.

4.Close Valve and add ground coffee to your filter.

5.Add 50-75 grams of your brewing water to the coffee and let stand 30-45 seconds.
This is called the bloom. Agitate bloom as desired.

6.Pour the remainder of your brewing water in the center of the coffee bed and move slowly
out in a circular pattern.

7.Full brew should take 3 to 3:45 minutes. Open valve to dispense coffee into decanter