Clever Coffee Dripper 1 cup

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The Clever Coffee Dripper differs from other "pour over" methods, or percolators, in that you can control the intensity of the brew by dispensing it when ready by simply placing it over a coffee cup.  You can adjust one variable at a time (water temperature, amount of grounds, time in brewer) to yield the perfect brew.  All you need is a coffee cup, Tiamo V02 paper filters and some freshly ground coffee.  Here's how it works, step by step:

1. Set the paper filter inside and rinse with boiling water.

2. Add 2 - 3 heaped Table Spoons  of ground coffee and 250ml Just off boiling water to begin brewing process.  

3. Using a spoon, gently stir the brew ensuring all coffee grounds are saturated.  Brew for a total of 4 minutes. 

4. Sit the Clever Coffee Dripper on a glass or cup and your brew is complete!

The Clever Coffee Dripper is BPA-free and should be hand washed.  Take care not to touch the bottom of the brewer throughout the brewing process as the liquid is meant to be easily released.