Everything You Need To Know: Stovetop Espresso

Everything You Need To Know: Stovetop Espresso 

The Stovetop Espresso or 'caffettiera' is an excellent method for brewing espresso-like coffee at home. Simply forcing the natural oils out of the coffee grounds producing a richer flavour and aroma.

Step 1: Fill the base with water

Fill the base of the stovetop with cold water.

Step 2: Add fine freshly ground coffee

Add fine freshly ground bean, ground & drunk organic coffee to the coffee basket to fill. Tap the basket gently to settle the coffee.


Step 3: Attach the base and top 

Attach the base and top and screw together until hand tight. Place on a medium-low heat.

Step 4: Listen for the characteristic gurgle 

Listen for the characteristic gurgle which is the sign that the coffee is ready.

Remove from the heat as not to boil the pot dry.

Step 5: Pour immediately and enjoy!


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