Everything You Need To Know: French Press Espresso

Everything You Need To Know: French Press Espresso 

What you'll need....

Approx. 2 tablespoons of freshly ground bean, ground & drunk per 3 cup French Press
Approx. 4-5 tablespoons per 8 cup French Press
(14 grams coffee per 250ml water)

Step 1: Preheat

Preheat the plunger with hot, but not boiling water and discard water.

Step 2: Add freshly ground coffee

Add freshly ground bean. ground & drunk organic coffee

Step 3: Fill the plunger & Stir

Fill the plunger with hot water, leaving a 2 centimetre gap from the top. 92-95 Degrees Celsius (30 seconds from boil).

Stir the brew for 1 minute ensuring all coffee is saturated

Step 5: Plunge & Enjoy!

Plunge coffee gently and pour immediately and enjoy!


Grind Tip:

If you have beans and would like to grind your coffee for a French press brew, grind the coffee to a medium-coarse grind. It should feel a similar consistency to white sugar!

Celebrate Australian Organic Awareness Month with a bean, ground & drunk French Press Brew.


The Espresso is a darker roast created in response by fans of the Classic seeking a stronger blend. Expect a delicious dry aroma of earthy moss and smoked nuts. This is a strong, robust blend with a full body. A lively acidity sparkles on the cheek, evenly balancing with earthy notes of malt, dark chocolate and blackberry on the finish. 


This medium roast blend has a smooth and rich body, balanced mouth feel with subtle pleasant floral notes and a hint of dried plum at the aftertaste. You’ll also notice licorice and white pepper aromas, followed by a crisp pear flavor and lingering notes of fresh grass and barley.


bean ground & drunk award winning organic decaffeinated roast injects subtle nutty flavours with a full-bodied toffee finish using the pure Swiss Water Process, perfect for preserving the natural aromas and essence of unadulterated coffee.

There are zero chemicals in this technique. As a black coffee it’s long on the palate with bold nutty flavours, fragrant maple syrup and a full bodied toffee finish. It’s drunk beautifully with milk; a nutty start – characteristic to the Peru region – followed by a pleasing long, smooth finish.

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